The Night Circus

The Night Circus 
by Erin Morgenstern
2011 / 400 pgs / 
rating –  

I kind of expected to be disappointed in this book because there’s been so much hype.  But I wasn’t – maybe I kept the hype at bay somehow.  Anyway, this book is MAGICAL!   It’s about magic rather than illusion – about names, about love, about reality, about running away with the circus.

I’m so jazzed – this is two excellent books in a row!

Celia Bowen and Marco -?-  are trained from a very young age by the magicians of the day,  Hector Bowen and Alexander  H.   But what is in a name? There are stage names,  given names, invented names and nicknames.   Anyway,  these  two are committed and fated to come together to face off for a challenge their mentors set up – it’s “kismet.”   Celia’s mentor was her father, while Marco was literally pulled out an orphanage and  adopted.

Chandresh Christophe Lefèvre, a theatrical producer,  has set up a circus – a perfect,  midnight circus.  He has brought the best acts together to create an entirely magical event from the clock to the popcorn and of course all the performers.

“A show without an audience is nothing, after all. In the response of the audience, that is where the power of performance lives.”Morgenstern, Erin (2011-09-13). The Night Circus (p. 45). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Perhaps it’s the same with books.

In truth, Chandresh prefers not to know all the ingredients, not to understand each technique. He claims such ignorance gives each dish life, makes it more than the sum of its parts. (“Ah,” remarked one guest when the topic arose. “You prefer not to see the gears of the clock, as to better tell the time.”)   (p. 56)

I think it’s the same with this book – I can’t look too closely – it’s like my dreams – I love my dreams.

And then there’s Bailey  in chapters taking place in 1895 and 1902 – dared to go into the circus and bringing back a glove.

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