The Trinity Six

The Trinity Six

by Charles Cumming
mystery/spy –
2011 / 368 pages
audio 11: 23 – read by John Lee
rating 8

Almost John Le Carre – not quite but definitely one of our top spy novelists today.  When the old Cold War animosities, intrigues and scandals are extended into the post-9/11 era with all the digital apparatus that entails,  the fun continues. Cunnin’s  story is based on true events, the outrageous conversion of 5 Cambridge boys/men into a Soviet spy network – .

They were active after they graduated Cambridge and worked in British intelligence. C umming has posited that there was a 6th man about whom little or nothing is known. (Actually, there may have been many more than 6 but …).

The girlfriend of Sam Gaddis, our protagonist, was writing a book about the 6th man when she suddenly dies.  Sam looks into the death and then at the writing and discovers a trail leading back to an old man, Edward Crane, who might talk about a 6th man  – but Crane has to be found.  And it all has to be very quiet because neither the Russian nor the British intelligence offices want this scandal revisited.

But word does get round that Gaddis is investigating.  Suddenly someone else dies and then the related death count climbs to three.


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