A Visit From the Goon Squad

  A Visit From the Goon Squad
by Jennifer Egan
2010/ 340 pages / rating 7.5

And what am I to make of way too many characters drifting in and out of the stories,  observing a few as time,  the “goon,”  has it’s way with them?   The characters give a sort of connection between the stories even if time doesn’t move chronologically here.  This is  the type of book critics love because you have to think to put it together. I did get attached to some of them and then they didn’t show up again.  I could never quite tell the difference between others and they were repeatedly showing up.

As times change the methods of communication change,  from telephones to email to a power-point (I guess).  This is not  a book to read in Kindle or Audio format.     I have to say that it’s fun in places- perhaps because of Egan’s enthusiasm for the story.


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