Life by Keith Richards

Life by Keith Richards

Life by Keith Richards
2011 – audio – 23h 8m
narrated by 
rating 8

This is an interesting book – I’m suspicious of memoirs and biographies because there’s too much the author wants to shade to his own benefit –  that said,  I do read a fair number.  I’d like to see an unauthorized bio but I’m afraid that might not be more than a different perspective.

Yes,  I think Richards skims a lot – he’s pretty forthright about some thing – like other people and their wrong doings.  There is some honesty about himself and his own life, too.  I was interested in the personal details of Richards’ life – the origins of the Stones, the life and times, the drugs.  Those were all covered but sometimes I think that Richards’ memory is limited due to all the drugs.  And other important and involved people “tell” parts of his story – James Fox is the big one, but also his manager and son tell parts – several other people  also tell their sides.  I honestly think using different tellers for a memoir is a rather interesting technique .  It was startling at first but I got used to it and then appreciated it.  I think it would be better to have a paper book to see the breaks.

I didn’t think I was particularly interested in Richard’s musical education but it was far more interesting than I thought it would be.

It got really boring in the middle and I was really not interested in all the drug scenes but they end.  With Hurley narrating that part I almost quit.  I kind of wish I”d had the physical book in my hands.  I’m glad I didn’t because he cleaned up in 1978 or 1979 or so and this book goes to 2009 or so.  There are several places it gets repetitive.

The audio version is confusing.  Johnny Depp does a fine job but Joe Hurley ‘s voice is untrained and grating and  too low. It gets a bit confusing at times not knowing who is writing that section.  If the narrator says he gave something to Keith then he’s not narrating.  Then suddenly it’s Keith again.   ????

Overall I’d recommend this book with the caveat that when you get bored,  keep going.


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