The Kitchen House

The Kitchen House
by Kathleen Grissam
2010/ audio / rating 5

A rather melodramatic story of the indentured servitude of a young Irish girl to a plantation family where she’s put to work in the “kitchen house,”  the domain of the slaves.   There she becomes close to the people who work the land and kitchen, adopting them as family.  But life can’t continue that way and she’s put to work in the ‘big house’ where she learns the secrets and is readied for marriage.   It was never really believable to me after the initial set-up situation.  One would think that an 11 year old girl would figure out why it would not be acceptable for her to remain in the kitchen house but either this child is really dim (quite likely) or she’s not been paying attention at all.

The narration was good and I did finish it.


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