The Litigators

The Litigators 
by John Grisham
2011 / Audio – 11:23 , read by Dennis Boukaris
rating 7.5

Oh wow!  Grisham’s back and he’s having fun – two down and out ambulance-chasing attorneys are joined by a Harvard educated casualty of a big-firm law practice.  David Zinc just burned out one day,  told his boss off,  grabbed the next elevator and found a bar-room.

Then he found Oscar Finley and Wally Figg in their offices at the best location in town for car wrecks.   Finley dreams of divorce and retirement while Figg wants the big pay-off of a class-action win.  Zinc just wanted out.

Grisham’s legal thrillers are always good but this one is outstanding.  It’s not as serious as most of his prior legal thrillers but it combines contemporary relevancy with a more laid back style.  Figg has a drinking problem,  Finley has a grumpy problem and their legal secretary has problems just working there.

And then it happens,  Figg finds a case that is sure to bring the firm the money and name he so wants.  A drug for cholesterol that causes heart attacks. With the same M.O. with which he approaches ambulances Figg scavenges the funeral homes, the hospitals, the old client lists for anyone who is using or has used, or best of all died while using,  Krayoxx.  Ethics being secondary to money,  Figg promises the would-be clients whatever they want to hear while he gathers names for his suit.  Finley gripes,  Zinc just follows along,  wondering and learning the trade.

Also to be noted,  the narrator,  David Boukaris, does an outstanding job.

Recommended!  (A 7.5 is very high for a legal thriller – very high!)


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