A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities
by Charles Dickens
1859 / 372 pages
rating 10

I’ve read this book 4 times now –  once in high school (I hated it),  once in my 40s or so (I hated it),  then I listened to it thinking maybe I’d get more out of it that way but nope – this book was just not going to hit it with me.  Then I accepted an offer to lead a discussion on it.  Omg – what is wrong with me? (I may not have known it was this book when I accepted – ).

But!  This time I really appreciated Dickens – (I was so surprised!)   I had only enjoyed Bleak House and Domby & Son prior to this book – but A Tale of Two Cities,  if you read it carefully,  is incredible historical fiction.  It just goes into the private aspects,  how it affected people – two people in particular.   I had thought it was about love or something – it’s about revolution and rage and the Terror and it’s very specific.  Dickens is his usual good vs bad self,   great characters, albeit unbelievably good heroines (from the pov of this day and age),  huge foreshadowing,  personification and cliff-hanger chapter endings.  The suspense never lets up.   He’s funny in places,  but dark and terrifying in others.

I did a little annotation project for Goodreads:

A Tale of  Two Cities:  Glossary



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