The Chicago Way

The Chicago Way
by Michael Harvy
2007 / 320 pages
Audible – 8h.10m
narrated by Stephen Hoye
rating 5/10

The story’s pretty good but the narrator about made me unplug permanently.  For some reason – suspense or coolness, I don’t know which and maybe a combination – Harvy drops his voice for the last syllable of every sentence.   It’s very annoying.

Apart from that the tale is generally about a dead man’s body turning up the beach.  The dead man had recently contacted the 1st person PI about an old rape and battery case – and he has connections elsewhere.  The gritty thing is the age of some of the serial rapist’s  victims.  The detection part is pretty good.


2 Responses to The Chicago Way

  1. I’ve only ever listened to one audio book narrated by Stephen Hoye (The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy) and while I sorta got used to him for that book, I’ve avoided him ever since. I can’t quite peg down exactly what it is about his narration skills that turns me off; but there it is :-/
    As for the book itself, I think I’ll pass. The part of your commentary about “the age of some of the serial rapist’s victims” is enough to forewarn me. If I’m reading correctly between the lines, this means very young girls/children and I just can’t go there, even when I know it’s fiction.


  2. I only read this for a group – otherwise I likely would never have picked it up. Fortunately the narrative is not graphic – Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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