The Hare with the Amber Eyes notes 2

Section 2 – Vienna
(<<< section 1) 

Chapter 12 – Die Potempkinsche Stadt

Potemkinish  (to describe Vienna as fake facades and empty behind)

page 111
1899 – The 264 netsuke travel to Vienna as a gift from Charles to Viktor and Emmy Ephrussi.

page 112 –  No better photo of the Palais Ephrussi than what’s in the book – but I checked.  Another one

The remains of the palace are at present time occupied by the Headquarters of Casinos Austria.

page 113
The Habsburg Court is still flowering under Emperor Franz Joseph and his multi-national/linguistic empire.

Chapter 13 – Zionstrasse – page 121

Much opulence,  gold, heraldry, pomp, hugely neo-classica. A poverty stricken Hitler was there in 1908  – he loved it.

The Jews vanished either into the ghettos or into assimilation, such as they could manage.

Theophilius Hansen – architect 

page 124
random “putti”  little cupids  (this word has been in several prior pages)

page 125 –  Esther paintings  (I’m not sure if any of these were on the walls but it’s the story of Esther)

Chapter 14 – History As It Happens

page 127

Griensteidl (it’s still in business – at least there’s a cafe by that name in Vienna)

Theodor Herzl 

Karl Leuger –

page 156 Leda and the Swan

page 157 Makart

Fairy Book of Andrew Lang

page 168 –  “And this is when the children are allowed to play with the netsuke. The key is turned in the black lacquer cabinet and the door is opened.” –  is this real or de Waal?

page 172 Anna von Lieben

Alfred Loos  (architect – mentioned in Simon Mawer’s The Glass Room- just fwiw)

Karl Kraus

And this is where I got so engrossed in the story I couldn’t bother to look up all the little references.   There weren’t that many after this, though –


Except for a few more notes:

p. 242 – The bronze sculpture of a Jew scrubbing the pavement is a reminder of March 12 1938 when, following the annexation of Austria by the nazis, Jewish citizens were forced to scrub off the pro-Austrian slogans painted on the streets.’



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  1. Julie says:

    Thank you so much. I went it the internet to being researching the book and fortunately came upon your site. The information answered so many of the questions I had also. Julie


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