The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection

The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection
by Alexander McCall Smith
#13 in series “The Ladies’ #1 Detective Agency” books
2012/ 272 pages
Audio 10h 29m – narrated by  Leslie Lecat
rating – 10  (because I love these books – it’s a soft spot)

Some things never change – Red bush tea,  neighborliness and politeness – but greed and corruption too.  And although “traditionally built” detective woman Precious Ramatsui is somehow unchanging in her kindly and common-sensical ways,  life as presented by Smith does seem to be.

As the books have gone along there has been more narrative about the difficulties faced by countries like Botswana today.   AIDS is not addressed directly but the orphaned children are.  The issues of the loss of the wildlife and the drought are.  The difficulties of neighboring Zimbabwe are mentioned.  And although there is corruption – (as shown in Smith’s books) Botswana has the lowest incidence of crime and corruption in Africa -per BBC.


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