Eugene Onegin

Eugene Onegin
by Alexander Pushkin
1835 / about 200 pages – Kindle
Rating – ?

I read this for a group and because I was never able to locate my Penguin edition, I had to use a Gutenberg download.   There was something missing.  I really didn’t like the notes sprayed all through the text – they should be either at the bottom or the back as notes.   That said,  I did appreciate much of  what they said – I had no idea Russia’s Orthodox clergy was divided into the black-robed monastery clergy and the white-robed parish clergy – (that’s just a sample of the notes).

But there was something else missing, too – maybe it was my patience.  The first time I read Eugene Onegin I was enthralled.  This time I just wanted to find the highlights of what happened.   (See what reading crime fiction does to aesthetics?)

Perhaps the novelty of the verse wore off,  I’m also reading the Kalavala which is in verse. But I have to say that Engene Onegin is still a great novel and everyone should give it a try.


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