The Worst Hard Time (reread)

The Worst Hard Time
by Timothy Egan
2006 / 340 pages
Rating – 8

The first time I read this book,  back in July of 2011,  I focused on the experiences of the people who lived through the Dust Bowl in the central plains states.  That time I listened to it and it was pretty good.   (Here’s the review.) 

This time I read the Kindle edition and it was a somewhat better experience.  There were photos for one thing and I could go back and reread certain sentences pretty easily.

And this time it seemed as though I read for the reasons there was a dustbowl more than what happened to the people.  This time I understood better about the deep one-way plowing and what it did to the land –  after the long, long drought – when the winds came – the topsoil was just blown away.  It blew it as far as Washington DC.

My sympathies were with everyone except the speculators and the die-hards who would not accept that their way of doing things wasn’t working.   I sympathized with the folks who were trying to help,  those from Washington and elsewhere,  but didn’t know quite what would work.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in the Great Depression.


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