Unraveled Sleeve

Unraveled Sleeve
by Monica Ferris
2001 / 256 pgs
read by Susan Boyce:  8 hrs
rating – B

I’m a sucker for a good cozy mystery and once in awhile I need a good one,  when I’ve been reading “hard” books in which I get so involved –  see several of the books for Sept – but the Mantel book just did me in.   Soooo…..

Ferris’ Needlecraft series features Betsy Davenport, the owner of a needlework shop in a small Minnesota town.  Ever since she found her sister murdered and had to go after the killer,  she’s had a nose for murder.  In this book,  the 4th in the series,  while attending a needlework conference a woman who was terribly allergic to all sorts of things turns up dead.  Betsy “knows” it was murder and she can’t help it, although she protests,  she has to go after the culprit.

These books are good romps – nothing (!) to take seriously and I enjoy listening to them.  Susan Boyce does a great job and she reads the whole series (as far as I know).


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