Arctic Chill

Arctic Chill
by Arnaldur Indridason
2011/ Audio
George Guidall 9h 24
Rating B+

Iceland is a popular place for Thai immigrants and a woman named Sunee lives there with her Thai son and her Icelandic son.  But they’re still outsiders to many – and undesirables.   She and her Icelandic husband have divorced.  The boys have tried to fit in at school.  One day the youngest son is found dead.  Erlendur Sveinsson, the lead detective checks the leads,  interrogates suspects,  ends up at dead ends with all the teenage possibiliites, their parents, their teachers – even the principal.  Meanwhile,  a mysterious woman has been calling him about not being able to take it and hanging up. And another body shows up on the beach.

Good stuff – Guidall does an excellent job with the narration.  The only drawback is that there are so many characters and some of them have very similar names.  I didn’t really have a big problem with this but it did get confusing once in awhile.


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