Bring Up the Bodies – Notes 2

Bring Up the Bodies
by Hilary Mantel
2012 / 410
Rating – ?

<<<<  NOTES 1

I don’t know why this book is going so very, very slowly for me.  It’s taking me weeks!   I think it’s because there is so much history packed into it and it’s history I have no idea about but the author is not terribly explicit – because Thomas Cromwell knows what’s going on the reader is supposed to know.   So there will be a reference to some incident and I’m going – yeah?  Is that true?   Catherine died and Henry fell and Anne miscarried all in the same quick time frame?  How were Anne’s “lovers” found out?

I have no problem with either idea – did she have lovers there toward the end when she knew her time was probably up and she was probably slightly mad with grief and fear?  Was she trying to placate herself about her continuing attractiveness,  trying to have a child and then convince Henry after the fact to pretend it was his?   Or was it total hogwash and all trumped up – all by Cromwell?    We’ll never know – I don’t expect to be able to sort it out.  It’s just fun – so the book is going very slowly as I try to piece these little clues together for what they are –  it’s totally chronological so a bit about one issue might come right after a bit about another issue.

At the moment – Sat. Sept 22 –  5:41 AM  – I’m up to page 219 out of 410.  At the rate I’m going it will take another week or so!  (Eeks!)


Good stuff:



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