Gone Girl

Gone Girl
by Gillian Flynn
2012/ 432 pgs  –
Narrated by Julian Whelan & Kirby Heyborne / 19h 11m
Rating:  B+

Oh my – what a page-turning suspense filled psychological crime novel.  Who is the first suspect when a woman disappears right out of her kitchen,  blood has been mopped up off the floor and her husband hides all sorts of little pertinent information from the police?  This is a 1st person novel told from two points of view (or more).  Nick Dunne shares his experience and thoughts which are pretty disgusting in alternating sections with diary excerpts from Amy Dunne – his missing wife.

Nick might have some reasons to want Amy dead.  There are difficulties in their marriage – she’s not happy in Missouri where he has moved her after they become unemployed in Manhattan and where is parents are ailing.  After 5 years, and no children,  he’s growing a bit tired of her attitude and has found a young woman to comfort him.

A couple of twists –  Amy Dunne is the only child of celebrated authors who wrote a series of books with their daughter as the heroine – Amazing Amy.   On one level she appears to be a smart but very spoiled little rich girl.  Nick Dunne is a handsome, charming younger of twins – also somewhat spoiled.

Where is she?  Is she missing or dead?  The police don’t seem to be making much headway except to try to get Nick charged.  I don’t want to go too far here for fear of spoilers – there are lots of plot twists,  lots of possibilities.

But there are also some glaring “what the heck?” spots.  For the sake of the story,  and the great suspense writing,  the reader goes with the flow but … one feels the suspension of disbelief stretching about out to max.


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