Crime Novels – a rant –

I’m       getting a bit more selective about the crime novels I enjoy and give high ratings to.  I’ve read some really, really good ones and I don’t want to waste my time with books which are really about some kind of relationship more than a crime, but that’s not usually the way these days.  My favorites are police procedurals,  legal thrillers, and  traditional mysteries.  I also enjoy good tales of psychological suspense. Not too crazy about chase scene  thrillers where we know “who done it” and only wait around for the cops to get it on with the chase scene.

Crime novels have changed over the years –  did Agatha Christie go into Hercule Poirot’s home life?  Or what do we know about Philip Marlowe – do we go on dates with him?  And the Elmore Leonard style of known bad guys being chased into jail was fun at first but … Jack Reacher certainly doesn’t interest me.  Otoh,  neither do the handsome books with names like “Blueberry Pie Murders.”  I make exception for Monica Ferris who writes a mean needlecraft series – more traditional than cozy – and I enjoy the character development over the arch of the series – same with Alexander McCall Smith.  I ignore Dave Robicheaux’s wives and loves as they come and go.  And I don’t like crime books with a political axe to grind.  Historical crime is okay but the first real detective didn’t come along until the French Revolution (and the Enlightenment)  so there’s this matter of suspension of disbelief about detectives in ancient Egypt.  lol –
61JahB2CE4L._SL150_Oh maybe I’m getting too picky –  I’m curious now about Becky Masterman’s “Fear of the Darkness,”  the second in the Brigid Quinn series – I really enjoyed the first one even though it’s about a serial killer – (I don’t usually like them – pick, pick).

I’ve put graphics of some of my favorites from the last year or so.




7 Responses to Crime Novels – a rant –

  1. jameswharris says:

    I have never been able to get into mysteries at all. I try them now and then, but never got hooked. I just don’t care who did it. I will sometimes like a mystery on TV, like a British show or Masterpiece Mystery, where there’s an interesting setting and other characters that are fascinating on their own. But even then, it seems like there’s way to much pointless running around.


    • Oh I guess they’re not for everybody. I had to almost hold my sister down to get her to read one all the way through. Me? I started in about 4th grade with Nancy Drew and kept going through Agatha Christie and others as they came my way. I think I read more mysteries now than I have in the past.


  2. DebraB says:

    I guess I’m the opposite of you. I like mysteries/crime novels when I feel that there is more going on than just the crime and its punishment. I think learning about the characters’ personal lives adds more richness to the story.


    • Good thing there are lots of different kinds of crime novels in the world – and lots of different kinds of readers, too! I still read series, I’m just getting kind of picky about them. There are even a few series I’ll grab the day the new one comes out.

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  3. Hello, I read your comment on Whispering Gums and thought i would visit your blog. I like traditional mysteries too. I’m currently reading McCall Smith’s Isabel Dalhousie series, but they’re primarily about relationships and so may not be to your taste?


    • I love Alexander McCall Smith’s Ladies #1 Detective Agency books – I get the new ones on the day they come out. 🙂 Those are pretty totally relationship oriented and that’s actually fine with me – that’s basically why I read them! But so few authors can do it that well, I guess. I did try the first one I think and I’m not crazy about the Dalhousie books, but to each his own.


  4. Thanks for replying to my comment. One of the things I love about mysteries and crime fiction is the amazing variety – something to suit everyone.


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