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  1. Steve Mossholder says:

    Hi Becky – I just subscribed to your blog. I am really envious that you have so much time to read good books. I love reading. I changed careers from finance manger to high school math teacher about a decade ago, and this teaching business leaves me very little time for reading. ( I suppose I could start ignoring my wife, but then I don’ t know if a good book would be worth her wrath:))

    I finished Wolf Hall a couple of months ago, and I absolutely loved it. I wonder if you posted a review of that one. I’d love to read your thoughts. I really liked Mantell’s references to Cromwell using just pronouns, like he is obviously the center of that book’s universe, and we should just infer that he is being referred to.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to reading Bring Up the Bodies as some point soon. All the best to you. ps – I would recommend an old detective book by a master writer: Peter Ackroyd. I know you must be familair with him, and his 1985 book is called Hawksmoor. It is wonderful. Two decades ago Jeremy Irons would have been great for the protagonist circa 1715. And Bob Hoskins for the protagonist in present day. Check it out. Steve


  2. Hi Peter, thanks for the kind words! Until my retirement almost 2 years ago I taught kindergarten, which I loved, but my original degree was in history – I added a love of literature along the way. I live alone, look after my mom and read a lot – vacation with grandkids.

    Yes, I reviewed Wolf Hall back in early 2010. I was using Mac.com as a server then and they disappeared in mid 2011 so I switched over to WordPress. I saved my prior reviews on my computer in case of need – and they’ve been handy many times! Prior to the Mac.com blog I had one at Geocities starting in 1996 but I lost all of that trying to be a bit too creative. (heh)

    I’ve added the Wolf Hall review to the Prior Reviews / 2009-2010 column in the top menu. You can find it in a search. I don’t think I can link from a comment.

    I found Peter Ackroyd (yes, of course I’ve heard of him but I don’t think I’d read anything – but I thought I had – … oh well ) anyway Hawksmoor is now on my wish-list.

    Thanks again –


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