Reading Groups

Most of my reads are picked for me by reading groups.   If I really don’t like the sound of a book I’ll skip it on all but my own group.   Sometimes I pick my own books but … These are the groups I read with.  Unless otherwise noted they read one book per month.

All-Nonfiction – my group – history, science, sociology,  etc.  quite active.

BookGroup List – the mother of them all,  quieter now  – 2 books a month

20th Century Fiction– books we might have missed or want to revisit

21st Century Fiction – contemporary fiction

Booker Fiction –  very active,  books chosen from Booker list

4 Mystery Addicts  – 3 a month (I miss about half)

Bookies-Too– very active – 2 a month

Pynchon List – very loose,  fluid – active, wide-ranging

Nutshell Cubbyhole – short stories – moderately active

There are a few others – some private but active,  some too loose to mention – I really can’t count what I’ve joined – the above are active.


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