The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

Copied from 1998?  –   Many web-sites nonexistent now.  The coding on this page is awkward.


It seems that the really interesting people, the artists that hung
out at her home, show up before WWI. After that they disappear and
Stein is left with hunting publishers for her works, like the other
authors I suppose. Also after the war it seems like more gay and
lesbian artists/writers etc. show up.

I felt that there was an awful lot of irrelevant name dropping but
then, that’s what the book is about. And I think it went far to show
how she wanted to do for print what the post impressionists,
particularly the cubists had done for painting.

Doing the annotations was educational and fascinating. I really felt
like I knew what was going on with Stein and Toklas. I was astonished
to find how very, very many were listed somewhere on the net with
works sited or displayed.

Btw, Gertrude Stein did receive articles in 4 successive issues of
the Atlantic Monthly after AoABT was published.

Annotations for The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein

I’m pretty good with art history etc. but as I was reading the book,  I started to wonder about who all these folks were.   So I got very
interested and did some annotating. (Just think of me as a weird,
researcher/history-major type.) (lol)
I annotated everything that might be of interest, not just what I
didn’t know.  I didn’t do place names.

On-line stuff by Stein herself:

Three Lives:
a paragraph from the 1000 page “The Making of Americans” with the
famous portrait by Picasso:


Original NY Times review of The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas:
Stein uses the last name of whichever man a woman is with at the
time, married or not, famous or not. It may have been the custom at
the time.

I tried to hit a basic highlight of the life, the link is either to
representative works or a brief bio or both. A great intro site to
post impressionism is at:

“Fauvism” is a flat, bright, aggressive style of post impressionist
painting. Stein never uses the term as it means “wild beast” and was
used by the critics and shocked public.

“Cubism” is the style that depicts the subject matter in planes
viewed from different angles.

“Nabi” is a very self-made school, each painter was to develop his
own unique style. Gauguin is exemplary.

These post impressionist painters borrowed heavily from each other
and most of them tried the various styles, but I’ve put the “school”
most frequently associated with the artist in the parenthasis.

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

Chap 1 (nothing particular to annotate here)

Chap 2 Matisse (fauve)
(a portrait of Mrs. Matisse is also at this site)

“Bonheur de Vivre” Fauve work by Matisse (this is the big one, the
familiar section is in the center)


Max Jacob (Jewish poet painter died in Holocaust)

Braque (cubist)

**Fernanda Olivier (mistress of Picasso) portrait by Picasso at:


**Picasso (cubist)


Rousseau (post imp.)

Gauguin (post imp)

Manguin (fauve)


Toulouse-Lautrec (unique post impressionist)


Valloton (Nabi)

Denis (Nabi)

Daumier (pre imp. French realism)

Cezanne (impressionism)

Delacroix (pre imp. Romantic)

El Greco (unique 16th Century Spanish)

**Alfy Maurer (cubist)

The Barnes Collection

**Mildred Aldrich (writer)

**Marie Laurencin (unique post imp)

**Guillaume Apollinaire (art critic and writer)

Derain (fauve)

Vollard (dealer and promoter) portrait by Picasso at:


Juan Gris (Spanish cubist) <>

Alice Gery/Princet/Derain (wife/mistress of artists)

Portrait by Derain at:

Germaine Pichot (sculptor/model/wife/mistress) portraits by Picasso at:

Van Dongen (fauve)


Evelyn Thaw (Nesbit: American Gibson girl model and actress. Scandalized by Stanford White’s murder.)

Chapter 3

Pissarro (early impressionism) <>

Fabry (unique symbolist) <>

Loeser (Florentine art collector and historian)

Picabia (surrealist)

Henry McBride editor of the New York Sun which first published a Stein poem.

Duret (writer/collecter of Impressionists)

Whistler (unique American realism) the portrait mentioned of Duret
can be seen at: <>

Roussel (Nabi)



Bonnard (Nabi post imp) <>

**Matisse “La Femme au Chaeau: <>

Petit Palais <>

Poussin (17th Cent. Classic) <>

Chardin (18th Cent. classic)



Matisse “Gypsy with guitar” ?

Maillol (sculptor) <>

Jo Davidson (male / American Sculptor) his Budda-Stein is at:


Emma Nevada (American Opera singer) <>

Raymond Duncan / Isadora Duncan (American Dancer and brother)


Kathleen Bruce-Scott (sculptor / wife of Robert Scott antarctic

explorer) <>

Sagot (Picasso’s art dealer)

H. P. Roche (writer/collector and interesting person)

Andrew Green wealthy son of the New York promoter. Art collector.

Manet (early impressionist) <>

“Olympe” (Maneet’s famous nude)


Valloton (Nabi) <>

Marcel Brion (writer and critic)

Etta Cone (art collector)


(fascinating site)

Cirque Medrano (popular entertainment and source of circus themes for



Braque (cubist) <>

Melactha the negress: (by Stein) <>

Berensons (Bernard, noted American art critic, collector, historian)


Gladys Deacon (beautiful 3rd wife of Duke Charles Spenser Churchhill)

von Heiroth ?

Thorolds ?

Olga Picasso (Picasso’s first wife whom he painted many times) (click on “Olga” for

about 15 pix)

Andre Salmon (poet and art critic)

Clouet (family of painters 15th and 16th century. I doubt if Marie

Laurencin was of that lineage.)

Poiret: ( “to conservative haute couture what cubism and fauvism were

to classical art”):



and <>

Erik Satie (musician, composed music to be listened at different

angles, similar pieces divided into several parts)


negro sculpture: (small African statues, influenced the cubists in

different ways. I couldn’t find any examples.)

Maillol (sculptor) <>

Serge Diaghilev: (Russian ballet choreographer who persuaded Picasso

to design sets. Through Diaghilev Picasso met Olga.)

Progression of Picasso’s cubism: very interesting site


Chapter 4 (not so much new now, a lot of the same names as in Chaps 2 and 3)

automatic writing: ( random, stream of consciousness jottings )

William James: Radcliffe psychology professor influenced ideas of

subconscious writing.

Munsterberg: (professor)

Llewelys Barker (professor)

Marion Walker (friend)

Bertrand Russell (logician/writer)

Zangwill: (English author and Jewish leader)

Josiah Flynt Willard: (American pulp fiction writer 1903)

Bravig Imbs (American free verse poet)

Louis Bromfield (winner of 1926 Pulitzer Prize for fiction)

Chapter 5

Bridget Gibb (wife of painter Harry Gibb)

Marjory Gibb (?)

Pauline Hemingway (2nd wife of Ernest whom she met and married in

Paris divorced in 1940)

Hadley (Hemingway’s 1st wife)

Sherwood Anderson (American writer, naturalist, admirer of Stein)

Ford Maddox Ford (author of a Modern Library best-of-century novel

and other works)

Stchoukine (Moscow collector and now museum)

Elliot Paul (American writer, editor of “Ex-patriot”)

Feneon (unique journalist/anarchist)

Bernheim (art dealer later museum founder)

Thomas Whittemore (archeologist/collector)

Pascin (unique sketches) <>

Kritians Tonny (surrealist) no samples available

Uhde (art dealer/collector)

Manolo Hugne (Spanish sculptor) no samples

Moreas (symbolist poet)

Alfred Stieglitz (American modernist photographer) good stuff!


Delaunay (cubist)


catastrophic school (see Delaunay) (g)

Stella (American futurist)


German friend of Matisse (Otto Krebs?)

Marsden Hartley (American Modern)

Ronnebeck (German Sculptor)

Mabel Dodge (American Critic and supporter of Stein)

Frederic (manager of the Lapin Agile, a local cabaret)

Maurice Raynal (German poet)

Agero (painter)

Kahnweller (art dealer)


Vasari (16th cent. author of “Lives of the Artists”)

Marcoussis (cubist) <>

Eve? (mistress of Picasso but I can’t find anything about her!)

H.G. Wells (Sci-fi author)

Jane Heap (writer/journalist)

Arthur Frost (Jr.) (American Fauve) no samples

Patrick Henry Bruce (American cubist)


Purrmann (German post imp.) <>

David Edstrom (Swedish sculptor)



Brenner the sculptor (American designed the penny)


Georgiana King (art historian)

Picabia (Spanish unique “mechanistic” post imp.)


Roger Fry (English post imp.)


Clive Bell (English art and lit critic)

Raphael (Italian high renaissance)


Augustus John (English imp.) <>

Lamb (English imp. portraits)


Wyndam Lewis (English cubist) incredible!


Pritchard (probably Evans-Pritchard archeologist)

Infanta Eulalia (princess of Spain)

Lady Cunard (London socialite wife of Sir Bache)

Nancy Cunard (writer, publisher, political activist) by Man Ray:


Jacques-Emile Blanche (Portraits)


Alphonse Kann (German/Jewish art collector / stolen by Nazis)

Lady Otolline Morrell (British literary hostess)

Disraeli (writer and Prime Minister of England 1868 – 1880)

Sabartes Raventos (childhood friend of Picasso)

de Soto (16th cent. explorer)

Severini (Italian futurist)


Marinetti (millionaire poet and writer / futurist)

Futurist movement (devoted to violence, war, speed, machines)

Epstein (American sculptor) <,.htm>

Emily Chadbourne (art collector)

Myra Edgerly (Mira) (American artist)


Genthe (American photographer) a photograph of Mira Edgerly:


John Lane (publisher / art collector)

Constance Fletcher (American author pen name George Fleming)

Siegfried Sassoon (English war poet)

Muriel Draper (American writer/interior decorator)

Paul Draper (American singer / husband of Muriel)

Mina Loy (“modernist poet, painter, playwright, actress, and designer

of lampshades”) a photo of Loy by Haweis:



Loy’s art:



Stephen Haweis (painter/photographer / husband of Mina Loy)

<> click “images”

Florence Bradley (actress)

Demuth (American painter)


Demuth’s landscape (may be the gift to Stein)


Duchamp (cubist/futurist) Nude Descending Staircase:


Carl Van Vecten (American photographer/activist)


Robert Jones (Black American actor / Harlem Renaissance)

John Reed (American journalist/activist)

Gordon Caine (wife of author)

Nijinski (Russian dancer/choreographer)

Allan Norton (poet)

Louise Norton (painter)

Avery Hopwood (American Dramatist)

Alvin Langdon Coburn (American photographer)


Hope Mirlees (poet author fantasy.)

Chapter 6

William Cook (Iowa born artist/collector)

Harry Walpole (New Zealand/England author)

Dr. Whitehead (Alfred North / philosopher and mathematician,

worked with Bertrand Russell. Photo at:


Housman (English poet and scholar)

David Starr Jordan (American scholar spec. fish)

Lady Astly ?

Kitchener (British military and statesman)

Nellie Jascot ?

Lytton Strachey (English biographer and critic)

Bertrand Russell (English Philosopher / mathematician)

Donald Evans (Stein publisher) ?

Ellen La Motte (writer/activist)

Dupont de Nemours (family name) ?

Herbin (August / French abstract painter)


Monsieur Marchand (French Consul WWI)

Moulai Hafid (Sultan of Morocco WWI)

Fangturm telegraph tower?

Mrs Lathrop (head of American Fund for French Wounded, inc. Edith Wharton)

Princesse de Polignac (patron of musicians ie: Eric Satie)

Blaise Cendrars (French poet / essayist)

Debussy (impressionist composer) portrait by Blanche at:

Virgil Thomson (American composer / writer)

Emily Chadbourne (collector)

Mary Borden-Turner (American WWI nurse) I don’t think that she ever

got anything published.

Jean Cocteau (writer/artist/film maker)


Edwin Dodge (Mabel Dodge’s husband)

Joffre (French military General)

Tarn McGrew (American friend) ?

Doctor Fabre (military MD)

Picasso’s young wife (Francouis)

Mrs. Wilson (wife of U.S. Pres. WWI)

Jesse Whitehead (daughter of Alfred North / rock climber) lovely

photo at: <>


Chapter 7

Man Ray (surrealist artist / photographer)


Sylvia Beach (bookshop owner/promoter of James Joyce etc.)

Marcel Schwob (French author)

Adrienne Monnier (bookshop owner)

Valery Larbaud (poet translator)

Tristan Tzara (poet/playwrite/dadaist)

Ezra Pound (American poet)

Jewetts (Sarah /author)

Robert Coates (American author/art critic)

Broom (small avant-garde publication)

Elmer Harden (soldier)

Kate Buss (collector of Steins works)

Djuna Barnes (American poet and playwrite) interesting site:

Kreymborg (poet)

Harold Loeb (author / role for Hemingway’s “Robert Cohn” although HL

says he got it wrong)

James Joyce (author of Ulysses)

Glenway Wescott (author)

Robert McAlmon (American author/publisher)

Ernest Walsh (early publisher of Hemingway)

Grace Lounsbery ?

T.S. Elliot (American poet)

Lady Rothermere (patron of sorts)

Lipschitz (sculptor)

Lincoln Steffens (American journalist/author/activist)

Janet Scudder (American sculptor)


Mr Jaccacci (Augusto Floriano / author/artist)

Hunter Stagg (American book reviewer)

Andre Masson (early French surrealist)



Georges Lynes (photographer) beautiful nude male at: (adult!)


Paulot Picasso (Paulo / portraits by father Picasso) at:


Violet Hunt (British author/feminist)

Monsieru de Tuille ?

William Carlos Williams (American poet / inspiration for Demuth)

William Bird (publisher)

Dos Passos (American author / political)

Fitzgerald (F. Scott / American author)

Bromfield (Louis / American author / Pulitzer)

George Antheil (American composer)

Cummings (E.E. / American free verse poet)

Shipman (promoter/publisher who ditched)

Transatlantic Review (periodical / early Hemingway)

Josette Gris (wife of Juan) Cubist portrait by Juan at:


Picasso’s mother (Maria Picasso Lopez) portrait by Picasso at:



(great photo of Picasso himself there too.)

Madame Pernollet (hotel owner and later murdered character in Stein’s

murder mystery “Blood on the Dining Room Floor.”)

Lamartine (poet and politico of the French revolution 1848)

Darantiere (printer and publisher / Stein and Joyce etc)

Tchelichev (Russian photographer)

Christian Berard (painter/illustrator, neo-romantic, was *not*

influenced by Picasso)

Rene Creve (French novelist also wrote about the painters)

George Hugnet (poet, Picasso did etchings for him)

Natalie Barney (hostess/author) fascinating and hilarious site:


Duchess of Clermont-Tonnerre (writer/friend of Proust/lover of Natalie Barney)

Genia Berman (Russian neo-romantic painter)


Francis Rose (mediocre English artist, favored by Stein)

Bernard Fay (American author and anti-Mason)

Edith Sitwell (Dame / interesting poet)


Osbert Sitwell(author/brother of Edith)

Sacheverell (Sitwell/poet/art critic)

Leonard Woolf (English author/married to Virginia)

Dawson Johnston (US historian/author)

Josephine Baker (black American entertainer, stage, screen,

recording) photo by Van Vechten at:


Mrs. Regan (Baker’s promoter)

Paul Robeson (athlete, scholar, activist, actor)

Elliot Paul (author / editor of “transition”)

transition (influential literary journal 1927-’38)

Eugene Jolas (poet and editor of “transition)

Maria Jolas (author and publisher of “transition”)

Trail of the Lonesome Pine (song, novel by John Fox Jr., and eventual movie)

Brewer (publisher)

Durand-Ruel (important art gallery owner, promoted early impressionists)

Ralph Church (friend ?)

Ellen Du Pois (Taylor short story/friend)

Georges Poupet (friend of Rene Crevel/artists)

Andre Gide (Nobel winning author, intellectual)

Furman (publisher ?)

Marcel Brion (author/art critic/historian)

Monsieur Bouteleau (possible publisher)

Baronne Seilliere (French critic and philosopher)

Guevara (Chilean painter) ?

Meraude Guevara (widow of Chilean painter

Paul Frederick Bowles (American composer / writer)

Aaron Copeland (American composer / writer)



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