Resolutions for 2017

I’m pretty happy with my reading except that I’d like to read a few more translated works than I did this year as well as a bit more non-fiction and works by women.  That’s how I feel now – I usually read what strikes my fancy and check the totals later.  But I could cut down on the getting-to-be-redundant crime fiction and look for something a bit more interesting.

imagesAlso,  I think I’ve discovered a way in which my records could be improved.   While comparing notes with my old friend Sue at Whispering Gums I see she split her totals into international (non-Australian) books, too.   I’ve only been keeping track of English or translated books – and that’s not counting books from  Nigeria or India or even Australia because those usually start out in English.    lol –   I’ve tried tags but keep forgetting.

I keep track in each month – click the little month in the menu at the top of each page to get a rundown of the reviews kept from that month.  After one year it goes by years. Because of the ongoing totals I can incorporate that pretty easily.  I think I could probably post my monthly summaries here as blog entries.

Anyone here have any resolutions for the new year?  –  (Anything I could use? –  lol)

Ah well – here’s to Health and Happy Reading in 2017!