XX A Dangerous Fortune ~ by Ken Follett

Sale – never read it –  sounded good.   I’ve read some of Follett’s other books but not his crime novels.   The number of characters in the opening chapter  made it seem complex and I took notes as to the characters  – it wasn’t all that bad but I still took the notes.  The  setting is an elite boy’s boarding school in 1892.

A Dangerous Fortune 

by Ken Follett
1993/ – pages
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One group of boys goes swimming and comes across a group of older boys from the school. They have some trouble and it turns out the father of one of the boys,  Hugh Pilaster,  has died in other circumstances –  suicide due to economic issues.

The father of a family of Polish immigrant Jews was employed by Pilaster and they are now out of luck in a strange land.   A boy,  Danny,  decides to go to America,  but his sister Maisie has to go elsewhere.





Older boys:

Mick Miranda
Ed Pilaster –  (cousin of Hugh)
Alberto aka Camel  (separate – South America)

Younger boys:
Hugh Pilaster
Peter Middleton (accidental death)
Tonio Silva  (red-haired,  South America)

Mr Offerton
Dr Polson
Augusta Pilaster – Ed’s mother – beautiful –