Precious and Grace by Alexander McCall Smith

Ahhh…. the 19th book in the Ladies #1 Detective Agency series was released on Tuesday so I promptly finished Dawn Patrol and downloaded it yesterday morning and began listening to Lisette Lecat, the regular narrator,  reading away.    I read these for the characters,  not the very light-weigth crime plots.  These books are the cozies of cozies for me and I’ve been following the series since 1998,  the first book.   (Note – they absolutely MUST be read in order.)


Precious and Grace
by Alexander McCall Smith
2016 / 240 pages
read by Lisette Lecat – 9h 49m
rating:  A+ / very cozy crime
(19th in Ladies #1 Detective Agency series)

The main character is Precious Ramatswe,  a lady of  “traditional proportions,” who opened a detective agency in Gaborone, capital of Botswana.  In the early books chickens run through her little office and her old white van breaks down but she has a very loving and common-sensical approach to life.   Throughout the series she solves little crimes while drinking bush tea and driving her old white van.  She hires an assistant,  Grace Makutsi,  the star of the Botswana Secretarial school and marries Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni, a very good man who owns a mechanics garage.  These two have their own lives unfolding throughout the series.

There’s an underlying theme in the series of resistance to change while trying to uphold the traditional Botswanan values of honesty and tolerance using a cheerful attitude and common sense.

This time a young woman arrives from Canada seeking her old home place and her old nurse.  Meanwhile an unscrupulous businessman sells a pyramid scheme to a part-time volunteer in the agency.  Most of the regular characters make an appearance.

I don’t know what it is which appeals to me here –  I generally like the better cozy mysteries (see Monica Ferris who is a bit more traditional in that she deals with murders). I think it’s following the delightful characters as they live their lives in Botswana.