A Christmas Return ~ by Anne Perry

I’d never read anything by Anne Perry before this, and this may certainly not be my last by her.   The reason I chose it was simply because the summary and sample on Audible sounded so promising.   I was not disappointed.


A Christmas Return
by Anne Perry
2017 / 192 pages
read by Jenny Sterlin –  4h 11m
rating:   A+  / seasonal crime


One day a week or so before Christmas Mariah Ellison receives in the mail what she believes is a Christmas pudding from someone.  But it’s not a Christmas pudding,  it’s a cannonball.   Between that and the postal stamp to go by,  she knows what it’s about.   Twenty years prior a teenage girl was badly hurt and murdered.  A local doctor was arrested and tried for the crime,  but he was found not guilty.   The first lawyer who worked on the case quit and was then found dead – with a bloody cannonball next to him.  The local understanding was that the lawyer’s wife,  Mariah’s good friend,  was guilty but she was never charged.   There is also a letter from the wife’s grandson saying they needed help.

They need help because the man who was found not guilty has returned to prove his actual innocence because he wants to marry a woman with money.    This opens the whole can of worms again.

The book is nicely written and read,  the characters are well developed and the plot has  a couple good twists.  There’s also has a very timely theme developed regarding women’s friendships and shame and coming forward.

“Decked with intrigue and trimmed with Yuletide spirit, A Christmas Return is a holiday treat wrapped in the glorious storytelling talents of the reigning master of Victorian mystery.” (Publisher’s comment)