A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time
by Madeleine L’Engle
1973/  Kindle/ 211 pages
Rating – 6 (for adults – 9 for kids)

This is an older children’s book – ages 10 and up,  I suppose – and although I’d heard plenty about it,   I never got around to reading it.   I might have really enjoyed this as a child but I was born a couple decades too early.  I think my kids read it.

Margaret Murray is a bright and funny girl but not as whipper-snapper sharp as her very young brother Charles Wallace who plays dumb so folks won’t know.   Their father has been missing for a year, working for the US government on some super secret project.  Their mother is worried and so are they as well as their two elder siblings.

Fortunately Mrs. Whatsit and her friends have recently moved into the neighborhood and  offer to help the children.  They have to add another boy, Calvin, to complete the team which then sets off via a tesseract across space and time to find their father and fight the forces of evil.

I think this is probably a great book for kids but I was a bit bored.  It’s well written and serves to introduce young readers to some ideas about conformity and perceived weaknesses.   L’Engle is a devout Christian so some of it reads a bit like C.S. Lewis’  science fiction for children.


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