The Stand

The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition
by Stephen King – 1990 – 1141pages
Narrated by Grover Gardner 47h 46m
Rating 7

Yup – I listened to the whole almost 48 hours of this epic story.

When a super-powerful virus is accidentally released into the world almost the entire US civilization dies and who knows about overseas?   Society collapses but there is one small group of folks who were somehow immune to the disease created.

Communicating through their dreams Mother Abigail leads these folks to Nebraska and then to Boulder Colorado.   Meanwhile another character,  Randall Flagg, directs some characters to Las Vegas.  These two groups are in direct opposition to each other until the bitter end – it’s about “good” (Mother Abigail) vs Evil (Randall Flagg).

I was’t totally impressed – King does a really fine job on character development but his style leaves me rather cold.  I think the themes are basically adult issues,  they’d be worthwhile for junior high church kids.  I listened to this one and Grover Gardner’s fine narration  helped tremendously,   it has its page-turner moments.


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