by Jo Nesbo
2011 / 304 pages
narrated by Steve West 9h. 38m.
rating 7.5 (very good for a crime novel)

Roger Brown is a professional recruiter for high-profile/power jobs – he’s a corporate “headhunter.”  And he collects fine art.  But the poor man is so insecure he has a beautiful wife and is convinced he needs more and more money to keep her.  He puts on the mask of a totally strong and powerful man but underneath is a little boy who still yearns for dad’s hug.

So he steals art and with it comes the illusion of success as well as money when he sells them (through his wife’s studio, I think.)   One day an incredibly perfect man walks into his offices and applies for a job – he’s a great candidate and then Brown finds out that this man owns a long lost painting by Bruegel.

This is a really quirky little novel in the best of Carl Hiaasen mode.  Steve West did an excellent narration!   I enjoyed it thoroughly.


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