A Cool Breeze On the Underground

A Cool Breeze On the Underground
by Don Winslow
1991- 250 pages
narrated by Joe Barrett – 9h. 55m
rating B+

Interesting series – new to me – I may follow this.   Years ago Joe Graham, a PI for the rich and dirty,  found a wandering child who turned out to be the son of an addict/prostitute mother and an unknown father.   Graham trained the young Neal in the ways of the underworld and detection and now,  many years later,  Neal is in grad school (with the help of Graham and his “friends,”  but works for Graham occasionally – as needed – by them.

This time a US Senator’s daughter is missing and elections are coming up.  The girl probably ran away and is strung out on drugs somewhere in Europe.  The family needs her back and looking good.  Neal is not happy about a new assignment but after getting to the London underground scene he tracks her down to a dope-selling pimp,  snatches her and tries to clean her up – now to get her back to the States,  but she left for at least one reason.  Meanwhile the pimp wants her back.   Pretty good stuff here –  🙂


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