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The Chemistry of Tears

The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey 2012/ 229 pages general fiction rating: 8.5 Carey seems to have done what he’s done several times before –  he’s constructed a book from two main plot threads.  One is “his” thread, one … Continue reading

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The Cold Dish

The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson western crime 2004 / 400 pages read by George Guidell – 13h 8m rating:   C Walt Longmire has been the sheriff of a small county in Wyoming for a long time.  One night the … Continue reading

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The Thirty Years War

Thirty Years War by C.V. Wedgewood 1938   / 536 pages Rating:  9 The Thirty Years War was the last really large series of conflicts of the Wars of Reformation which had involved the European Protestants and Catholics for in … Continue reading

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Eye of the Red Tsar

Eye of the Red Tsar by Sam Eastland crime / Russia-historical 2010 / 288 pages read by Paul Michael 9h 4m rating:  B+ The Tsar and his family were executed in 1918.  Now,  in 1928,  Pekkala (of the unknown first … Continue reading

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Feasting, Fasting

Feasting, Fasting by Anita Desai 1999/240 pages Booker s’list / India rating: 9 Odd I should actually read a paperback rather than an e-book, but this was on a super-sale and I couldn’t resist.   Although Desai has been widely acclaimed … Continue reading

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You’re Next

You’re Next by Gregg Hurwitz 2011 / 560 pages read by Scott Brick 14h. 1m suspense-thriller rating:   A++ Oh what a totally fabulous book – okay,  it starts out a little goodie-goodie with Mike being a bit too honest … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson: Author of America

Thomas Jefferson: Author of America by Christopher Hitchens 2005/196 pages Rating:  9 This is more of a long biographical essay than a biography as such.  It’s a short book,  Hitchens’  ideas are well supported,  but there are no source notes. … Continue reading

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