The Driver’s Seat #2

Um…. I read this all the way through 2 times.  I upped the rating half a point the second time for literary value but …  they’re not today’s values.   Back in 1970 post-modern lit was all the rage as were wearing hippie clothes and smoking on airplanes.  This book feels a lot like that and the movie even more so.

driver's seat

The Driver’s Seat
by Muriel Spark
1970 / 107 pages
rating 8.5 /  classic literary crime –   

It’s basically a who-done-it –  then a why-done-it complete with enough red-herrings to make dinner.  On a more literary level it’s a lot of patterns and symbolism combined with a fairly interesting structure but only minimal character development and a lot of tension due to the major foreshadowing that our protagonist will be murdered.

Still there is too much coincidence and a couple of glaring omissions which aren’t quite covered up with the abundance of repetition and obsessive compulsive disorder.

I liked it but it’s not for today’s crime reader I don’t think – times have changed in lit as well as in fashion.    It’s tough going to make any real sense of it –  even the title is edgy – dark – and the ending is quite a surprise.   It should be read at least twice or the beginning doesn’t really make sense in the way it needs to.