My Sister’s Grave by Robert Dugoni

Still taking a break and reading whatever comes my way for fun.  Crime novels are good. Legal thrillers are better.  This is a new-to-me author and I’m generally pleased if not wow’ed.


My Sister’s Grave
by Robert Dugoni
2014 / 416 pages
read by Emily Sutton-Smith 10h 49m
Rating:   B+  /  police procedural/legal, thriller
(read and listened)

Twenty years prior to the frame story Tracy Crosswhite’s sister was brutally raped and murdered.  At least that’s what everyone thought –  no body was ever found.  A local bad guy was tried and convicted though – conveniently and using somewhat less than ethical in court and a bit of unexamined evidence.

Now the body has been found and Tracy, who is currently employed as a homicide detective across the state in Seattle,  is on the scene for it.  She’s not convinced that the man in prison is guilty of this particular crime.

She hires an old friend who is now a local attorney (and divorced …  sigh) and together they try to find the truth.    The truth is that this is a sleep stealer and I was up way too late even knowing I wouldn’t be able to finish.

There’s one huge error in the book – provided they’re charged and the callers are not in a “dead spot,” cell phones work just fine without electricity.  It’s one of the benefits.  This is a serious irritation in the book.

Other than that,  it’s well enough written for a crime novel (police procedural – legal – thriller) with an undistinguished cast of characters and a kind of lack-luster plot line up to the ending – which is definitely interesting.   The best parts,  for me anyway,  are the courtroom scenes.  There’s a certain amount of who-done-it in almost every legal crime book.

The back-story of Tracy and her sister is inserted at intervals and slowly catches up with the frame story.  These portions are in italics so it’s a good thing I got the Kindle book because the switch between past and present would have thrown me.

All-in-all a very good crime book – nothing special – a tad too much romance for my tastes but otherwise …