Vanished ~ by Joseph Finder

I’ve read two of Finder’s novels prior and I loved one (Company Man)  and didn’t much care for the other (Paranoia).  I wasn’t going to read any more but this one caught my eye for some reason – on sale at Audible,  perhaps.  ? –   Anyway I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised.

by Joseph Finder
read by Holler Graham 10h 42m
Rating:   A / crime 

Nick Heller’s brother,  Roger,  is missing.  He and his wife Lauren had a date night and he was suddenly pulled out of the car,  she was smacked and when she regained consciousness in the hospital there was no evidence of Nick.  Where was he?

With his mother in the hospital,  Gabriel, Laura’s son and Roger’s stepson, calls his uncle Nick and he comes down pronto to help find his brother.   After that,  well,  things get complicated.

Nick is a spy who works for Special Forces seeking out embarrassing information and secrets of powerful people,  this time it’s the dangerous head of a huge international corporation.   Where is Roger?

One twisty thread is that the father of Roger and Nick is in prison for a long time for big-time corporate fraud – he’s not a nice guy and I’m not going to say any more except that Nick has been highly trained and has skills and talents beyond your average street cop.  He’s also very smart.

The plot is good,  the characters are really well done, the writing is smooth.  The only downside is that the thriller aspect – the chase scenes – take over.    I’ll read book 2 in this series.   Just letting you know.   (But Company Man is still better.)