Blood, Salt, Water ~ by Denise Mina

Not Glasgow this time,  but in the nearby community of Helensburgh,  a woman is murdered and thrown into the water.  One of the murderers gets haunted by his conscience.

Then,  in chapter 2,  Alex Morrow  (of the prior 5 novels in this series)  and her current partner in detection get called in when a child calls in that his mother is missing.   This is not just any mother –  it’s Roxanna Fuentecilla, a “person of interest” in money laundering or drug sales or something – the national police aren’t sure,  but they’ve been watching her and her monied ways for some time.   Now she’s missing?

blood jpg.jpg

Blood, Salt, Water
by Denise Mina  (Scotland) 
2016/304 pages
read by Cathleen McCarron
rating:   B-   /  crime (procedural) 

Helensburgh is a touristy upscale community which is not too far from home for the detectives.  It’s on the edge of Loch Loman – and a body washes up later.

There are a lot of characters,  a good twisty plot so what’s my problem?   First, dialects are hard for me to understand and second,  the plot is pretty murky.

That said,  when I paid good attention I enjoyed it quite a lot.